Keyboard Layouts Comparison(UK,Danish,US)

Abstract: Just backup for my Danish Turtle Beach Mechanical Keyboard Layout and Chinese Mechanical Keyboard Layout and use them easily.

Turtle Beach Mechanical Keyboard Layout: Danish (Norwegian) Keyboard Layout: It is multiple symbols and first one is Dansih and second one is Norwegian by the symbols after the L, we can know that. Danish is AE - φ and Norwegian is φ - AE.
Chinese Mechanical Keyboard: US (or International) Keyboard Layout

I am using UK Layout

Use PC Keyboard Turtle Beach Mechanical Keyboard on Mac

  1. swap Control and Command on Mac
  2. use the UK PC layout
  3. Sougou use the UK PC layout

and UK Mac Layout

Top Compare

The symbols on 6,7,8,9,0 is different. Danish has special 6,7,8,9,0 symbols

Full Comare

UK vs Danish/Norwegian

US vs UK